Súper Recreítos (5-11)



Súper Recreítos are our Spanish sessions for kids aged 5 to 11. These sessions run on Saturdays from 11:00 to 11:50 at Eltham Green Community Church. Please note that Súper Recreítos sessions do not run on the Saturdays before and after half term holidays.

Our sessions are fun, varied and theme-based. We cook traditional Latin American and Spanish dishes, celebrate our key dates (día del niño, día de las velitas, los Reyes Magos to name but a few) and learn about Latin America and Spain. The language of instruction is Spanish. Stories, songs, instructions on paper, etc. are in Spanish.

For kids in this group we include a 30 minutes workshop per session. Every term we will work on a different cultural aspect. The goal of these workshops is to provide the kids a more spontaneous context where they can boost their speaking skills and deepen their knowledge about key elements of our culture (dancing, food, festivals, etc).

A typical session for our Súper Recreítos consists of:

5 minutes of singing 

30 minutes of core activity

5 minutes of traditional Latin American and Spanish games

5 minutes of storytelling/dancing

30 minutes of workshop